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Formula 5 Discovery

A proven 5-step Formula Account Executives & SDRs can instantly follow to overflow their pipeline with deals that are ready to close.

Backed by 1,000+ discovery calls and 10’s of millions of new revenue.

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Trusted Advice from 17 Years in Sales.

Salman's programs are backed by 67 quota-carrying quarters in technology sales.

Proven frameworks, tactics, and strategies that have generated 10's of millions of dollars in revenue.

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Master the 5 steps to successful discovery: 

Formula 5 Discovery is a proven 5-step blueprint to running successful discovery.

Explore each step and the full curriculum below:

Step 1:


You've mastered the first 5 minutes; but what comes after that? Successfully pinning down the challenge your buyer has is what Step 1 is all about. 

Step 2:


Every role has challenges, but how big are they? In Step 2, you'll identify the impact that challenges have on the person, team, and company.

Step 3: 

Use Case

Are you able to help solve this problem? We want to say yes, but that isn't always the case. In Step 3 you'll uncover the use case by truly putting yourself in the prospect's shoes.

Step 4: 


Why should your prospect care about this problem? What is the cost of not solving it? Here we'll examine the right way to quantify the pain and impact.

Step 5: 

Paint the Picture

In Step 5 we'll put it together by sharing relevant customer stories, and how to close the conversation and progress to the demo.

Full Curriculum

See exactly what's makes up Formula 5 Discovery:


- Intro to course

- 5-step Discovery Framework

- General rules of Discovery

- How to prep for a Discovery

- True or False of Discovery


Discovery: how to kick it off - Intro

- Impress them right off the bat

- How to lead a compelling introduction

- Role Play: Your Introduction

- How to lead an executive level discovery: 1-slide approach

- Set expectations and agenda [outbound sourced]

- Set expectations and agenda [inbound sourced]

- Role Play: agenda and expectations

- How to Deal with Tough Prospects

- Role Play: “Get to the Point”, “Can we See a Demo?”


Step 1: Challenge

- Uncover the problem

- Tough customer? How to deal with them

- Ensure questions have context

- Questions to ask in Challenge step

- Fusing Personalization & Relevance in your Questions - Challenge

- Multi-threading questions to uncover stakeholders

- "Pressure test" questions: is it worth your time?

- Disqualification framework


Step 2: Impact

- 3 levels of Impact

- Impact to the individual - questions

- Impact to the team - questions

- Impact to the organization - questions

- Fusing Personalization & Relevance in your Questions - Impact


Step 3: Use case walkthrough

- What is a use case?

- How to uncover the use case

- Use case examples

- Unpack and understand Gaps in the use case

- Prospect Questions: Understand the Purpose Behind the Ask


Step 4: KPI / metric [quantification]

- What does quantifying the cost of inaction mean?

- Examples of KPIs and metrics by role

- How to uncover the cost of inaction - questioning framework

- Additional questions on quantifying the pain and impact

- Real examples of quantifying the pain


Step 5: Paint a Picture & Next Steps

- Customer story framework: paint a clear picture

- Role play: Customer Story example

- Key questions to ask to uncover decision makers, key stakeholders, evaluation and decision process

- How to plan for the demo - questions to ask

- Locking in the next step

- "How much does this cost?" How to handle


Post Discovery

- Discovery recap email


 Closing Remarks

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